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The Details

Web App Features


The info tab consists of entering in data about the user's height, weight, age, gender, and activity level for the day. There is a BMI calculator for the user's use. BMI information is not submitted ot the dataase. There are also additional articles and tips below on this page to help guide the user.


The goals tab allows users to record and tracks their goals. Studies show that when you write a goal down and see it visually before you, you are mor likely to work hard to achieve that goal. Goals submitted are entered in the online database system and if users allow supporters to view this informaiton, supporters can encourage users to not only keep up with their goals, but alos meet these goals.

Food Log

The food log tab is a crucial component to this app. Tracking user's food from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks is essential in order to keep users accountable of what they are eating on a day to day basis.

Activity Log

Maximum health benefits are only achieved when food is paired eqaully with activity. Regular daily activity is a crucial part to the Fuel Your Life program. Activities will be entered via this tab on a daily basis and fitness feedback will be provided from the workplace coach during meetings.


It is important for users to understand what they are doing wrong and how to fix these habits. Being knowledgeable is key. Coach feedback is one way that users are informed about their progress. However, this resources rab offers additional information including articles, tips, and videos about Diabetes and how to eat healthy and stay fit.

Register Supporter

User accountability is a key theme to the program and our web app. Thus, enabling users to register a supporter is important so that supporters are equally involved in the program and can view the user's information and provide neccessary support and ecncouragment. Supporters have their own profile as well with an additional recipes tab.

Set Permissions

Privacy is a logical concern. Users may not want their supporters to view all of this private information. Thus, having the permissions tab is essential to the app. Users can check off which fields of each tab they want their supporters to be able to view. These original permissions can also be updated through the button titled "Update Previous Permissions."

The Benefits

Be Healthy.

Be Fit.

Be Proactive.