Our app targets people in the workplace who are on the verge of becoming diagnosed with diabetes by giving them a mobile diabetes prevention program called Fuel Your Life.

Our team is partnering with UGA’s Public Health School and their Diabetes Prevention Program to decrease the high risk of being diagnosed with type two diabetes in the workplace. Marc Wilson, our client, has developed the program “Fuel Your Life” to help combat diabetes for those who are on the cusp of being diagnosed.

The “Fuel Your Life” program is aimed at tracking the participant’s daily food intake and physical activity to help them reach their goals on a week-to-week basis. The program also works with the participant’s employer to hold monthly meetings with the user to ensure they are on track to reaching his goals throughout the program. Along with their employer’s support, participants are also encouraged to incorporate a family member or friend for added support. This will help the participants to maintain their progress throughout the program. In doing so companies taking part in the “Fuel Your Life” program will benefit by decreasing their insurance rates as well as gaining more active and healthy employees.

Initially this program was experimented with blue-collar workers in the railroad industry. To gain a more diverse and accurate scope of the population the program has extendedto Athens-Clarke County Government officials to include a wider range of people, which consists primarily of women.

Our goal after working with this project is to assist the goal of the program by creating an application to collect and store data of a user’s progress in an easier and more efficient way. By moving to a web-based version of the program participants have the convenience of tracking their progress directly into their mobile device.

With our Fuel Your Life web application, we give at-risk diabetes patients the ability to track their information, goals, food, and fitness over time and hopefully be able to prevent diabetes through the data accountability and coach feedback within the Fuel Your Life program. Users will be given the tools to get up, take control of their lives, and change their habits to prevent diabetes from occurring. Our web app accomplishes this by focusing on five main aspects for our users:

The Benefits

Be Healthy.

Be Fit.

Be Proactive.